Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sitting up-ish

So serious! (Sitting up is serious business, Mom.)
So simian!
He's so wonderful.

Friday, February 12, 2010

New toy from the kitchen

Swingin' and chompin', swingin' and chompin'.... ah...

Sally's hat

Thank you, Sally, for the beautiful hat! It makes Dylan look like a Swiss baby.

Dylan and Mommy, hat and hat hair

Dylan loves his mommy

More Dylan with Mets cap

We have a left fielder this year? Really??!!? And it's Jason Bay? Yea!
Dylan, how do you know so much about the Mets? Weren't you born just 4 and a half short months ago?
Oh, I see. Your parents told you all about it in utero.

It fits! Someone's head is growing...

Aw, Ma, really? More pictures? Don't you ever get enough...
Wha?? The Mets are gonna go all the way this year? Wasn't that what they said two years ago? And the year before that, too?
That wasn't funny. The Mets are still a good team, on the inside.
Well now I'm just sad. But I look good in blue and orange. Thanks for the hat, Rob.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Dylan's new favorite toy

A little more research...
What is it?
Tastes good, whatever it is. Tastes green.
It's mine; Mommy doesn't need it anymore. She's got 4 others.
Where'd it go? Who turned out the lights?
Colander on my head! Colander on my head!

Dylan and Mommy

Oh hello Daddy.
Aw Ma...
A boogedy boogedy boogedy!
I'm blurry but cute!
Aw Da, I dunno about this anymore. Can't I just go play with my new toys? All this picture taking is wearing me out...
He looks so much like Michael when he was a baby in this one.

Happiness swings

Hey Daddy! This is so much fun!
Have you seen my alfalfa hair?
I'm trying to hide it behind the foilage...
Yeah, I know, it's "foliage," but I'm only 19 weeks old, and anyway, have you seen my hair???

Thanks Grandma and Abuelito for the check! It was delicious!

Paper is yummy.
Wait...this paper has writing on it...
Oh! This paper is money! Even tastier!
Okay, Dylan, maybe eating paper is not the best thing for a 4-month-old...
I want more! Greed tastes good!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Mais oui... Dylan est très adorable

tee hee hee
He's so patient with his camera-crazy Mommy...
He finally looked at me and gave me the beginnings of a smile.
He's not exactly sitting up by himself; he needs a little propping up. But he doesn't mind too much when he flops over or falls on his face. He's a good sport about it.