Saturday, July 31, 2010

Playroom, part 1

Dylan likes the Rody from afar. Each time I put him on it he flung himself off. His feet don't really reach the floor when he's on it, so I guess that's a little scary for a little guy like Dylan.
He looks like he's enjoying it, but really he hated the whole experience. I put him in and his first reaction was the same as the first time he sat on grass. But I wanted a picture, so I made him get back in. I know, I know, but it's just so cute!
So worried! I took him right out after I got this shot. And then the actual fun started!

OFA's cabinets are the best

Mamma, you have a nice office. It's fun to crawl around.
What's in here? (He's currently obsessed with opening and closing cabinets and drawers. It's a lot of fun for the rest of us...)
I have no idea what that is. But Dylan sure liked it.
Such an expert at closing cabinet doors!
And opening them back up! He would have done this all afternoon, but we needed to get to Inman Sq. I had to turn the lights off, call him for a minute, then go back and get him because he's found his calling, and his calling is cabinets. Open. Close. Open. Close. Bliss.


Right after he ate his peach banana oatmeal, we totally robbed this place. Cause we're banditos.
He's so good in restaurants now. He especially likes to yell and look at the ceiling. And yell at the ceiling.

Fishing with Dylan

Shhh... the babies are sleeping


Check them out! And you can see the third tooth coming in on the right (Dylan's left).

Butter chicken

Dylan is 10-months-old now and has 4 teeth (plus 2 more teeth up top coming in), and it's time he started eating finger food. I made Butter Chicken the other night (it's basically tikka masala with more butter. It's not spicy so I figured it would be fun to see what Dylan would make of it) and gave Dylan some cut up into small pieces. Let's see what happened:
Huh?? What IS this stuff? What do you want me to do with it? Eat it? Nah....
Alright, I'm going in...
(Sometimes he gets lazy and just bypasses the hand and pecks like a little birdy.)
That was okay. I think I like it. But what does it feel like?
I love his "unsure" face.
By this point, he was an expert at picking up the pieces and popping them in his mouth.

Right after this he stuck all his fingers in his mouth. I guess he likes butter chicken sauce.
Okay chicken, listen up! I'm gonna eat you! So get in my mouth!

Messy messy baby

I know I post a lot of photos of the same thing, but he's just so adorable, and I can't seem to leave any out. So enjoy some post-feeding-himself shots:
Red beard (butter chicken beard)
Hey mom! Do you know what I think of your cooking? This!:

I'm hilarious!
He found this piece of chicken on his lap. Then he ate it.
How's it going, big-boy-who-can-feed-himself?
Weird, huh? Chew chew chew, gnam gnam gnam...
So much work!
Hey Mamma! Shake my hand! It's totally clean, I swear...

Kid in the Hall

Hey! Hey you!
Get ready for it...
I'm crushing your head! I'm crushing your head!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Roadtrip to Roanoke: Part 10a

Dylan and Mommy are so happy

Roadtrip to Roanoke: Part 10b

Great Grandma and Dylan on the patio.

Hey look at me! I'm walking like Grandma!

Did you see me, Grandma? I'm funny!
What a pair!

Roadtrip to Roanoke: Part 10b-1

Babies love Great Grandma's cane. They especially love to make it fall.

Roadtrip to Roanoke: Part 10c

Aunt Vickie and Dylan:

Roadtrip to Roanoke: Part 10d

Ah, the patio. Dylan explored the whole thing with Grandma making sure he didn't fall on his unpadded bum.