Sunday, August 22, 2010

Guitar pickin' baby

Dylan vs. the Obese Duck, the rematch

El Potro, part 2

Drinking water from a straw
Eating an orange slice

Dylan on safari (in Brighton)

We went to Saturday Morning Softball to watch Mike play on a very sunny but not too hot day. Dylan wore his new safari hat with an armadillo on it.

What a face!

This was his "gun." It's part of the stroller.

Matching outfits

Drew came to the park with his son Sean and he took Dylan to hang out with Sean on the baseball diamond. They're dressed alike.
Sean was teaching Dylan to jump on Drew. They're wrestlers-in-training.
It was here that I realized that all three of them had on matching outfits. So goofy!

Chillin' with Mommy and Daddy

Raspberries with Daddy
Singing with Mommy

For Those About to Read...

We Salute You!
Beautiful boy!

About 10 minutes later...

After the adventure in the water area of the playground, we dried him off and put his clothes on. He was dry almost instantaneously. And raring to go.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Best playground in town

He loves the water. Can you tell?
He just went in with no fear and tried to grab (and sometimes eat) the water.


I just swallowed all the water! Blech!
We took him out for a minute so that he could rest and catch his breath. As soon as we put him down he went right back in.

He just wouldn't leave!