Monday, September 27, 2010

Happy 1st birthday!!!!

(He had a great day, and before he went to bed, he walked around with a baking pan on his head like a little pork pie hat. We're so happy he's ours!)

His own guitar

Dylan's first guitar, from his Daddy
He's been practicing on Daddy's guitar, so he's already plucking one string at a time.


Dylan's first jack-in-the-box, courtesy of his Great Grandma
He was intrigued at first...
And curious...
Then totally frightened. He kind of likes it now, but he's still wary of it...


Have mallet, will travel
Mom! Have you seen that obese duck anywhere?

Best present of the day

Dylan's Grandma got him a card that plays "Il Ballo del Qua Qua" (or: The Chicken Dance song that they play at weddings). She pasted a picture of him in the card. He absolutely loves it.

Eating quiche and drinking cider

Because every 1 year old wants quiche lorraine for their birthday party, no?

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Happy birthday dear Dylan

It's a banana cake, because Dylan loves "b'nuh-nuh"s and acts like a monkey sometimes.
He was so excited
What's this, Mamma?
He loved when we sang him "happy birthday."


We made the baby...
...and we made the cake!

Smash cake

We didn't know why the recipe called it a "smash cake." Dylan had a good idea, however...
He explored it a little bit, touching the frosting and tasting it.
Then he picked it up and shoved it in his mouth
And then basically just sucked on the banana cupcake

Only occasionally coming up for air

He really likes buttercream frosting

Grammy and Grampy get in on the cake action

Chocolate covered goofball! My favorite!

The Aftermath Bath (outside, of course)

We put Dylan in a bath outside because no one wanted to touch him because he was covered in chocolate frosting and cake.
It was chilly, but the water was warm, and the constant flashbulbs kept him warm.

At the Germ Factory, er, the Playspace

Those are some pretty big cones
He looks like he's 6 in this picture.