Saturday, October 9, 2010

Super cool

Dylan is going to work on his Harley with his Grampy today. And if there's time, they're going to stop by Drumlin Farm for a little running around and animal watching with Grammy, too. Notice his shoes: they are real shoes, size 5! It's his first time out without his parents and with hard-soled shoes. He's growing up so fast...



Airplane pajamas

He's so long! Er, I mean: tall!
Nice Elmos!
Big yawn!
Everything is a toy

A quiet moment

A quiet moment with his new doggie (from his abuelito who saved a bunch of stuffed animals from when we were kids and gave them to Dylan)
Spacing out
Oh hi, Mamma
What a funny little guy!
Sweetie pie!

Halloween came a little early

A horse playing with his farm
Such a serious horsey!

Clip clop, clippity clop
Love the tail! Thanks Linda for the awesome Halloween costume!

After bath and a haircut

Now, Grover, I know you're new here, but you're going to have to learn a thing or two about how I choose my toys to play with. First: books and rings. Second: balls. Third: things I'm not allowed to touch. Fourth: all my noisy toys. Fifth: all the little toys that get lost under the couch. And finally Sixth: stuffed animals, that's you included, and yogurt cups.

Drumlin Farm

He managed to not get his fingers eaten by a goat.
He was already trying to go explore by himself.

Drumlin Farm: Dylan and the big wide world

We saw a lot of the back of his head this day. He was just a little boy on the go.
"Look, Dylan, a sheep! What does the sheep say?" -Mommy
"Mmmmmmmmmmm!" -Dylan
"Close honey, close." -Mommy

Drumlin Farm: Photo Ops

Dylan the cowboy?
"I'm not having any fun! Lemme down! I have rocks to eat!"
"Ma, I don't want to pose in front of the snoring hog..."
"Mom! I don't want to pose in front of this smelly snoring hog! Lemme go!"

Drumlin Farm: Snack time

All this farm business sure made us hungry. Dylan forged ahead and found the picnic area.
Such an independent little fellow!
He drinks his milk (from a cow! not from Mom!) with an attitude.
Dylan in the wilderness
Cracker time

Little chipmunk
We saw a hawk. It swooped down and killed a mouse that was hiding in some brush. It was pretty amazing. But then we started thinking that Dylan was pretty small and it might be a good idea to skeedadle.

Drumlin Farm: Water fountain

Michael drank some water and Dylan demanded that he try too.
Not bad for his first time. He was only a little bit wet in the end.

Drumlin Farm: New things

You look interesting. I wonder what you are...
Wait for it...
Gnam! Look Ma! I'm flossing!