Saturday, May 28, 2011

Crazy dinner, part 1

It all started out with a crazy straw...

Crazy dinner, part 2

I've never seen a crazier way to eat pizza:

Crazy dinner, part 3

My, he does like his orange juice, doesn't he...
He barely ate anything until I gave him a slice of homemade white pizza with nutella. That he liked. A lot.
Can't you tell?

New backyard: helping

Grammy and Grampy helped us (well, we all helped Grammy) lay grass in our little backyard so that Dylan (and us) have a nice place to run around this summer (and grill). Mike has been working for weeks turning the lumpy dirt pile that was our backyard into a flat surface ready for sod. I don't think these pictures give an accurate portrayal of just how small our backyard is, but they do show how much fun Dylan had helping get the job done.
Raking before the sod is lain.
Quick! No one's looking - take the rake!
"Hands off the rake, Dylancito!"
"Someone left this thing here... I'll take care of it, you all are busy."
Yup. Feels good to get dirty from hard work.
"What's that you say, Grammy? You need this roll moved from here to there? I'll take care of it! Have you seen my muscles?"
I love his "ready" stance.
Dylan is a strong little guy.

New backyard: more helping

"What do you need raked? I'm ready!"

Play tools are just not as interesting as the real thing...

New backyard: the plane boss

Ah MAAA! (The plane/helicopter, boss!)

New backyard: the wheelbarrow

Dylan learns so quickly these days, and mostly by watching what we do. Michael was on wheelbarrow duty, and so of course Little Mike wanted to do the same thing. The faces are priceless.

Big muscles

Good thing he was wearing his muscle shirt.

New backyard: raking with Grammy

Dylan is a very helpful little engine, er, boy.

New backyard: watering the grass

Is there anything better than running around in a sprinkler in your own backyard completely naked in the summertime (when you're a kid)?? No, there isn't.

Train set and reading books

This shirt was a present from Guatemala. ¡Gracias!

He's reading to his Papá.

He has the best cat meow ever (around 0:50)!

The Grimey

Downward dog.