Sunday, July 3, 2011

Lying down on the job

Doing some lite reading

Balloon dog

He got it from some clown.

Somerville Family Fun Day: the train

I forgot to take a picture of the train we were riding, but it's blue like Thomas and has a whistle and everything, though admittedly, it is a diesel (and it doesn't run on rails). We went on about 75 times until the Somerville Family Fun Day was over.

Somerville Family Fun Day

I forgot to take a picture of the actual firetruck, but we're in one. (See the "SOM.F.D." flashlight?)

He's driving.

Chips and Salsa

Oh yeah, he's an expert. And if I hadn't asked for the mild pupusa sauce, he would have continued to dip his chips in the spicy salsa and suffered because he just loves dipping chips that much.

Blurry Grimey water fun

Grimey water fun

This is his new favorite thing.

First Bubble Bath = Yuck!

He had to taste every toy just to make sure they all tasted like bubbles. They did.