Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sleepy Dylan


All summer long Dylan has taken a swim class at the Y. He cried through the first 4. He was "that kid" who just cried and wailed while every other kid, including 7 month olds, were having the best time. And I don't know if you have ever heard a kid cry in a pool, but it's LOUD. But then at the 5th lesson, he started to enjoy it. And by the last lesson he didn't want to get out and cried only at the end when I dragged him out.

After the lesson, Dylan and I go eat breakfast and then walk around Cambridge, go to a playground, then to the toy store, and finally make our way home on the big bus. Usually he has a muffin, which he calls "Muh!" but on this day he was adamant in his choice of a croissant, which he also calls "Muh!" He only left me 2 bites!

Public Garden

Dylan needed some alone time.

Swan Boat

Swan Boats: the best $2.75 you'll spend all day. And kids until 2 are free!

Our Swan Boat
Another Swan Boat. Dylan waved vigorously at the other boat.

Reading Literature

I believe this is a book of Alice Munro's short stories. Though it could be "Moral Disorder" by Margaret Atwood

New hobby: lining up trains

Dylan's new hobby is lining up all of his toys in train formation. This includes actual trains, cars, buses, trucks, bath toys, blocks, crayons, and whatever else is around (tissues, water bottle, shirts, tigers, whatever.) It's adorable.

Eating dinner on Dylan's level

Sometimes we like to eat at Dylan's table. This was Mexican food from Taco Loco. Yum.

Dylan vs. the Sandbox

Watch out Acton Discovery Museum, here comes Dylan.
This sandbox doesn't stand a chance.

Dylan set about reorganizing the sandbox with his muscle and sense of composition.

This one apparently did not belong in the sandbox.

Daddy shows Dylan how to shovel.

So sleepy!
All that discovery takes a lot of energy.

Watching TV like a big kid

He's using his favorite stuffed animal, Gnoccherina the cat (mmmmmmaaaaooo!), as a pillow.
My little baby is not a baby anymore...

Summer salads

This summer I have been making huge salads for myself for dinner. So while Dylan eats his usual pasta and meatballs, I've been eating enormous bowls of the best summer has to offer. When he finishes his meal he becomes interested in mine. And instead of just licking the lettuce/tomatoes/radishes/cucumbers/beans and putting them back (why waste them, right?) like he had been doing, he actually started eating them! And I have proof!



Monday, August 8, 2011

Playdate with Max at our house

That's what we call "teamwork."

Train ride at the Zoo

The highlight of the zoo trip (for Dylan, I liked the gorilla house and giraffes the best) was the train ride at the end. He loves trains, and he loved this one. He went with his father and had a blast.
The train that took my baby away from me (completely awake and excited)...


...he completely passed out.