Friday, December 2, 2011

Dylan and the cat

After art class we went to get some lunch and this cat came to play as we passed a little construction site. The cat ran across the street and started rubbing up against Dylan's legs.
Look, cat, a tractor!

When we tried to leave, the cat followed us.
A boy and his cat out for a walk. Of course.

Dylan is counting.
Bye bye cat!


We went to Target and Dylan discovered sunglasses.
Sofia Loren
Cool kid


...of bread!

Sitting at the kiddie table, eating beef stew and bread. Good times.

All tuckered out


We like donuts in the Patterson Vides household. Dunkin' donuts, cider donuts, any kind of donut is good by us.

MY donut.

He ate both of them.

Bathtime line up


Little Wes Welker

My little wide receiver

He's got great ball protection skills.

He went down all by himself. And then demanded I follow him. The things we do for our children...


Dylan in the bath with ALL his bath toys.
Pouring is hard work. You really have to concentrate.
Hey! That's not a whistle!