Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Model shots

Apparently when Dylan goes to Grammy and Grampy's house they take him for professional modeling pictures. Grammy claims that she took these pictures, but we know that they will appear in some magazine selling playground equipment. He's so gorgeous. 

He looks like a teenager with that face! Too much!

Dylan playing by the fountain

Dylan loves going to his Grammy and Grampy's house. He's a city kid at heart but he loves getting out in the country and running around. He looks so much like his father in this picture, too.
Uncle Chris!

Grammy and Grampy come to visit

(I think she looks like her Grandmother Claire in the picture on the right.)
Delia is completely fascinated with her Grammy and Grampy
Can't you tell?


"Hi Dee Dee!"
 "Hold hands a Dee Dee."
 She really doesn't look like she's having a good time.
 Dylan does, though.
 He loves his sister so much.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

My beauty

Delia is turning into such a beautiful baby

Dee Dee's grandma says she looks like me when I was a baby...

1...2...3 months old

Each month on the 6th I am going to put a picture of Delia sitting on Dylan's armchair so we can all see how big she's getting. Here are the first 3 months. Yes, she's wearing the same black and white polka dotted onesie. Oddly, it still fits although she was about 9 lbs in the "1 month" photo, 12 lbs in the "2 months" photo, and more (maybe 13.5-14 lbs?) in the "3 months" photo...

1 month old:
2 months old:
3 months old:
What happened to her pants?

Children's museum (last week of maternity leave)

Dylan and I went to the Children's Museum and watched some fish (it's better than Shrek...)
 and ate some raisins (I had a much needed and deserved coffee)
He's really turned into such a little kid. He's even talking now! The night before I went back to work he said, "Mamma stay a' house." Heartbreaking, but nonetheless amazing to hear him speaking in complete sentences. It's great.